August 2004

This is a recovered text only newsletter originally hosted on the old Pan American Orchid Society website. Pictures were unable to be restored.

Pan American Orchid Society

Affiliated with the American Orchid Society
August 17, 2004, 7:30

Christ The King Lutheran Church
11295 Red Road, Pinecrest

Dear members and friends,

Last month we had a mini-class for those of you feel you are novice growers and who wanted to get information on a variety of topics.   The mini-class, led by Kent Hines, was a big success so we’re going to do it again!

 Starting at 7:00 pm, we will have a mini-class on basic orchid culture requirements.   Kent Hines will be giving you information on a little bit of everything that the basic orchid hobbyist needs to know, pretty much based on the questions you have.

 Yes, the Doctor is in! Well, our plant doctor is in.  If you have a problem plant, bring it in and during the break we will have our more knowledgeable members take a look and see what the problem is.  If your plant looks like it has something contagious; something that might jump, fly or crawl to another plant; please put it into a plastic bag to keep your creeping crud from creeping.

 We received $360 from the Redland Orchid Festival for our members who volunteered to assist with ticket sales, the hospitality booth or directing people to parking.  Our thanks to Shirley Berckmans, Suzie LaPlant, Maria McMurry, Sue Samuels, and Carlos and Carmen Segrera.  Their time and willingness to volunteer (and they all volunteered at the Coca~Cola trailers too) brought in additional funds to the club to pay for speakers, plants, the rent, and a large number of expenses that are incurred throughout the year.

 This month’s Speaker: Our speaker this month is Bill Bergstrom of Bergstrom Orchids in Hawaii.  Bill will be speaking on Catasetums: weirdos of the orchid world.’  Many of these can be easily grown in South Florida.  You too can have bizarre and unusual orchids!  . 

 Cookie bakers for August: Your cookie bakers or buyers for this month are: Pat Chen Yin, Candace McDonald, Ida Ovies, Ann Perry, Catherine Pendlebury and Carmen Segrera. Thank you all for your time and culinary skills.

Ribbon Awards for July

First Place
First Place

Bl. Richard Mueller x L. Tenebrosa
Ivis & Jorge Rodriquez

Brassvola cuculleta
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Blc. Hawaiian Passion ‘Carmela’
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Blc. Willette Wong “The Best”
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Enc. Mariae
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Eplc. Carolyn Comtorma
Envy x Enc. Tampensis, AM/AOS
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

L. anceps
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Lc. Netrasiri waxy ‘Jairus
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Lc. Long Tone ‘Yen”
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Stanhopea oculato
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

V.Ascda – Fuch’s Sunset Hamber Moon v. rose gold
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Den Blue Angel
Carmen Segrera

Mtssa. Shelob ‘Webmaster’ HCC/AOS
Carmen Segrera

Second Place

Blc. Mem Vida Lee Limelight
Anne Cogburn

Miltasia Olmec Kanno
The DeCastro’s

Ascda. Red Gem x Kuhn Nok
Catherine Pendlebury

Miltonia Goodale Moir x Golden Wonder
Bert Pressman

Blc.Ports of Paradise GreenChing AM/AOS
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Blc. DonPepe nodosa ‘Susan Fuchs FCC/AOS
x Blc. Erin Kobayashi ‘Laihaina Gold’
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Enc. Alat x Enc. Plicata
Ivis & Jorge Rodriguez

Epi. Ciliare
Carmen Segrera


See you all on August 17, 2004 at 7:30 pm

Or at 7:00pm if you’re coming to the mini-class!