Annual Auction

PAOS Annual Auction is our biggest fundraiser. It is an event we all look forward to because it affords us an opportunity to increase our collections with quality plants from local growers at affordable prices, socialize with like minded people who do appreciate and share our love for these beauties. So bring your friends, family, colleagues and enjoy the evening. To help us promote the event, please use the social media icons to the right.

If you are a PAOS member, we have a mission for you. Help our Society grow by contributing to the auction. Blooming and bare roots plants, art work, books are all items we will be happy to place on the auction block for you. This is also an opportunity for you to be part of our Refreshments Committee by contributing to the refreshments table: We want to make sure our guests have a very good impression of PAOS!

And if you are not member of PAOS, join us for a beautiful and exciting evening at Pinecrest Gardens. This is not only an opportunity to increase your collection of plants, you will also make new friends at PAOS.

See you at the Auction!