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Why should I join PAOS?

PAOS is known for being a welcoming group. During the meetings themselves, we have speakers – local, national and international – address orchid related issues of interest to orchid lovers. We also produce a free monthly newsletter, PAOS News, with information about our group, sponsors, other local groups, etc. And we like to promote community commitment through our Conservation Project and member’s initiatives. Our Annual Auction is well regarded in the orchid community and during our monthly meetings we hold raffles, judging and a silent auction. Members receive a Membership Directory with contact information and our Bylaws.

How can I join PAOS?

Currently we ask that those interested in joining our group come to one of our meetings at Pinecrest Gardens, in the Hibiscus Room (on the left side across from the ticket booth), located at 11000 Red Road, Pinecrest, Florida 33156. We will provide you with a form to fill out, you will have the opportunity to witness our camaraderie, the culinary talents of our members and attend one of our meetings.

How much is the membership fee?

PAOS membership fee is tiered to accommodate individual and family rates and is calendar year-based without pro-rating. Dues are payable and owed on January of each year.

Individual member rate: $30
Family fee rate (2 people): $40

Does PAOS offer its members opportunities for activities outside the monthly meetings?

YES! We often have outdoors activities such as visits to local orchid growers, international and local orchid related excursions, participation in orchid shows, and also activities together with other orchid societies of South Florida.

I would not like to have my private data published in the directory. How can I protect my privacy?

We at PAOS are very aware of privacy issues. The listing in the Directory is provided by the member and published only upon member authorization. We do ask that members provide an email address so we can notify them of important PAOS related events or issues. That information can be kept by the Secretary off the Directory. Since our newsletter is placed on line for our members’  reading enjoyment and convenience, members who do not provide an electronic means of communication are asked to check the website often so as to stay abreast of developments.

Does PAOS have a Facebook page?

Yes we do. You can find us on Facebook by clicking here.

How can I leave PAOS?

You can communicate your interests not to receive further communications from PAOS to the Board by email. Membership fees are not refundable.

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