Friends of PAOS

PAOS is grateful to the generosity and support of many individuals and businesses who have played and continue to play a role in its success. They are listed here in no special order and are recognized as Friends of PAOS.  We encourage our members and visitors to patronize their businesses in a show of appreciation.

C.S. Orchids
4512 Southwest 75th Avenue
Miami, Florida 33155
Tel: 305.260.0559
Fax: 305.282.5588
Kogachi Orchids
86-830 Lualualei Homestead
RD, Waianae, Hawaii 96792
Contact: Glen
Tel: 808-696-2040
Motes Orchid Inc.
25000 S.W. 162nd Ave.
Redland, FL 33031
Dr. Martin Motes
H & R Nurseries
41-240 Hihimanu Street,
Waimanalo, HI
Tel: 808-259-9626
Fax: 808-259-5422
Mr. Roy Tokunaga
R.F. Orchids Inc.
28100 S.W. 182nd Avenue
Homestead, FL. 33030
Tel: 305-245-4570
Fax: 305-247-6568
Mr. Robert Fuchs
OFE International Inc.
17899 SW 280th St
Homestead, Fl. 33031
Tel: (305) 253-7080
Mr. Carlos Cahiz
Whimsy Orchids Inc.
18755 S.W. 248th Street
Homestead, FL. 33031
Tel: 305-242-1333
Mr. Bill Peters
Amazonia Orchids
17899 S.W. 280 St.
Homestead FL 33031
Tel: 305 484-9280
Mr. Axel Cahiz
Soroa Orchids Inc.
25750 S.W 177TH (Krome) Avenue
Homestead, Fl, 33031
Tel: 305-247-2566
Fax: 305-247-2955
Mr. Jose Exposito
Carib Plants Inc.
26505 S.W. 203rd Avenue
Homestead, FL. 33031.
Tel: 305-245-5565
Fax: 305-245-5113
Mr. Robert Randall
St. Germain Orchids
18290 SW 254th Street,
Homestead FL
Tel: 786-412– 0512