October 2008

This is a recovered text only newsletter originally hosted on the old Pan American Orchid Society website. Pictures were unable to be restored.

Pan American Orchid Society

Affiliated with the American Orchid Society





October 21, 2008, at 7:30 p.m.

King Lutheran Church

S.W. 57 Avenue (


members and friends,

As many of
you know, Mirta Heineman
was taken to
Baptist Hospital with heart problems on October
4.She has returned home and is feeling
much better.She will be able to teach
the introductory orchid culture class as before, at
7 p.m.


This month�s
Ernie Barham.
His talk will be on
“Growing Paphiopedilums in South Florida.”

Following is his bio:

�Ernie Barham is a Homestead
orchid hobbyist specializing in the growing of Paphio
pedilums – also known as �Paphs
(pronounced �pafs�) or �Lady Slipper� orchids – a
genera which for many years it was said to be impossible to grow in South
Florida. However, after having successfully specialized in Vandas
and Ascocendas for over 10 years, he has for the past
26 years specialized almost solely in Paphs – which
he has found to grow and flower very well and easily here. His collection, which now contains several
thousand plants, is a combination of mottled-leafed species/hybrids and
multi-floral or strap-leafed types. It is the latter, the �multi-florals,� which is his primary interest and the ones most
easily grown in our area. Ernie has
received, thus far, over 60 awards from The American Orchid Society and many
trophies and awards from local societies and shows. His program will highlight some easy-to-grow Paph species and primary hybrids, their culture here in South
Florida and how to repot them.�


Refreshments for this month:��
following members offered to provide refreshments for our meeting this
month:Thank you all for your

Catherine Pendlebury

Janet McGuire

Elizabeth Pettit

Vicky Schuling

Jose Gancedo



for October
(From Martin Motes� newsletter)

1.Space plants to increase air circulation.

2.Water as early as possible in the day.

3.Move Himalayan dendrobiums,
catasetums, calanthes and
other seasonally

���� dormant plants to
dry, bright locations.

4.Reduce general fertilizer.

5.Apply extra magnesium and potassium.

Upcoming Orchid Events:

October 20: COS Annual Auction at Fairchild Garden starting at 6:45
�Excellent bargains on species and hybrids.�

Club News

Plans are
going ahead for our Holiday Party on
December 9.This month there will be sign-up lists for food (appetizer, vegetable, dessert),
volunteering for set-up and clean-up,
and if you want to bring a guest.The cost to bring a guest is still $10 per
person, but for an additional $5 you can sign the guest up for membership which
will enable them to come for free next year, as well as reaping all the benefits
of being a member of our Society.If you
invite a guest, we are asking that you bring an additional dish, i.e. one dish
per person.


We will not
have the sign-up list for the type of orchid you want until next month.


Also keep
in mind that we will be holding the usual orchid centerpiece contest.You might want to start planning something
creative.Make a table centerpiece using
orchids in any style you�d like.We give
a plant prize for first, second and third place.

See you all on
October 21, at
7:30 p.m. for the regular meeting

or 7 p.m. for the class